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Blog Content Strategy Guide: 7 Steps to Success

You've read about blogging. You know how great it can be for generating traffic and increasing leads. So, now you're ready to start blogging for business... you sit down in front of your laptop with a great idea, type it all out, add cool images, and publish it. You...
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Why Blog for Business? 5 Blogging for Business Facts

You've already heard this before.   Blogging is a great content marketing strategy! Your company needs a blog. But have you heard the answer to "why blog for business"? Do you know what it can actually do for your business? Don't feel like reading? Check out the...
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5 Must Know Statistics for Successful Blogging (Infographic)

Blogging for business is a lot different than blogging for a hobby. These statistics prove just that. Maintaining a blog for business can not only help your search engine rankings, it can greatly increase your lead generation. Here's an infographic with five...
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Top 3 Challenges of Maintaining a Blog + How to Overcome Them

We've all heard the most common excuses for not keeping up with a blog. Or used them ourselves. "I don't have time", "I don't have anything to write about", "I can't write"... They're all valid. But none of them are good enough. But how come? Why is a blog so freaking...
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