You’ve already heard this before.


Blogging is a great content marketing strategy! Your company needs a blog.

But have you heard the answer to “why blog for business”? Do you know what it can actually do for your business?

Don’t feel like reading? Check out the blogging for business infographic here.

Today’s topic is all about the hard evidence. I’ve compiled five very convincing statistics for why your business doesn’t just want a blog… but really needs one.

‘Cus at the end of the day, we all want the hard truth.

The Blogging for Business Facts + Why They Matter

It has to be faced — the world’s mostly online, and your content marketing strategy is hella important.

It’s what will set you apart from the competition. At the end of the day, anyone who searches for your company will have a myriad of options. Thanks to the ol’ internet your competitors are trying to be as accessible as you are.

So how do you stand out? Sure, you have a blog. But not just any blog… a blog with content strategy. You need to be a marketing writer… not just a writer.

Blogging isn’t just for hipsters anymore. Still asking why blog for business? Read on.

Here’s the facts of why blogging for business is a priority. And why it matters for your company.

1. 3x More Time is Spent Reading Blogs than Emails [source: HubSpot]

That’s right. No matter how great your email campaign is, the hard truth is people would rather read other content.

Specifically, blogs.

Even if you don’t want to admit it, you can attest to this. Email campaigns, while still very effective if done right, are very overused. We all receive massive amounts of emails every day. We’re used to sifting through the BS… just like your clients are.

With a great blog post, leads actually come to you. They perceive you as a resource and will want to become part of your community. If you do it right, they’ll spend a lot of time on your site.

In fact, they’ll spend 3x more time on your blog than they spend skimming their emails.

2. Less Isn’t More — Blogging at Least 4x a Week is Better [source: PWB Marketing Communications]

B2B companies saw their leads increase the most when they blogged at leave four times a week. That means you should be consistent to get the best lead generation… In fact, you should be blogging almost every business day.

Phew. That sounds like a lot of work.

It is. But there are a ton of ways to get over the challenges of maintaining a blog, and it’s worth it.

Why? Because it can get you a ton of leads! Which brings us to our next stat.

3. B2B Companies that Use Blogs Get 67% More Leads [source: FactBrowser]

That’s right. 67%… a huge increase in lead generation simply by maintaining a strategic blog.

How does this work?

Essentially, maintaining a blog for business means you have more content on your website. That content gives search engines a lot more subject matter to crawl through… not to mention a ton of opportunities for you to use specific keywords.

So your blog means you get noticed more by people searching for answers to questions. You meet their needs with your blog, immediately establishing your company as an authority on the subject.

Bam. A lead.

4. 7:00am is When Link Sharing Peaks Among Blog Readers [source: ImpactBnd]

This blogging for business statistic may seem obscure. But I included it to emphasize an important point: maintaining a blog that is effective requires strategy.

Even he gets it…

There is research and analysis that goes into creating a great blog! You can’t overlook the simple facts. Things like when blog readers are online, their sharing behavior, and peak posting times. It’s all important to your success.

5. 89% of Companies Who Update Their Blog MULTIPLE TIMES a Day Have Gained a Customer from Their Blog Audience [source: WordPress]

Here it is again. Consistency. Right next to another eye opening percentage.

Almost ALL companies that are diligent and update their blog content several times a day have got a customer from their blog audience… that’s huge!

Really, it’s a true testament to how much blog readers trust their resources. This is the new age way of gaining trust from a client… before you’ve even met them. That’s an extremely powerful tool.

Normally the majority of the battle is getting your client to come to you… The countless phone calls, emails, and follow-ups can be exhausting. Business blogs bring the customers to you instead.

So why blog for business? Well, it’s inbound marketing at its finest.


So what do you think… is a blog worth your time? Were these statistics convincing or have you heard better?

At the end of the day, digital marketing content is the way of the future. It’s the way of the current world, to be honest. So now is the time to invest in your blog. But not just words — you need a blog that has the ultimate content strategy.

If you don’t have time to keep up with it, that’s ok. I do. Maybe you’re wondering how to start a business blog. You can contact me today. As a marketing content writer, I’ll offer you solutions to lead generation and pushing clients down your marketing funnel.




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